health and safety

We strongly recommend, but you are not limited to, the following items with an emphasis on padded cycle shorts. There are several online suppliers of cycle shorts such as Ground Effect, and Torpedo7. Your local cycle shop should have a good selection. Tell the sales assistant about your journey and they’ll sort you out. Correct, comfortable clothing is essential for multi day trips. It will enhance your memorable cycle journey. The Mackenzie Country is an alpine environment. The weather may be cool or hot, and changeable. You must be prepared for weather changes.

Suggested Gear List

What to wear

Padded cycle shorts; strongly recommended.

Sturdy, closed toe shoes with socks (running/trail shoes are good). Laces must be short or tucked in. Do not wear sandals. We suggest that you wear shoes that you have worn previously.

Hot days; we suggest that you wear a breathable base layer top (short sleeve) and one outer layer.

Cool days; we strongly recommend that you wear (or carry) warm layers (top and bottom), and full finger gloves.

Clothing that flaps around in the wind, or may get caught in a wheel or the chain is a safety hazard. We suggest that your clothing is firm fitting but not too tight.

Helmet - provided or BYO.

Gloves: summer = fingerless, with padded palms) to protect your hands from sunburn, slippage, and vibration.


You may like to invest in some anti-chafing balm. Chamois cream is excellent.


What to carry

Small day pack that you can carry on your back, especially if you aren’t hiring pannier bags. Some day packs have a water bladder carrier - very good idea to have. See Camelbak below.

Rain jacket, lightweight and breathable.

Gloves: winter gloves for cool/cold day  (full finger) for full protection.

Sun glasses.

Lunch and snacks; dried fruit, scroggin, muesli bars are good high energy snacks. A2O accommodation providers supply packed lunches to cyclists.

Maps: we will provide or you can download a mobile app such as Trail Forks. It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the route before you begin.

Personal medication.

First aid - we will provide one small kit per group.

Small dry bag for mobile phone.

Puncture repair equipment will only be issued to riders who are competent in wheel removal, reinstallation, and puncture repair. This will be ascertained on completion of your pre tour form.  

We recommend that you consider purchasing, pre trip, a Camelbak or similar backpack hydration system. Two 750 ml drink bottles and a 2.5L Camelbak allows you to carry 4 litres of fluid - great when it’s very hot down this way and you have some distance to ride. The advantage of a hydration system is that it allows you to drink safely while keeping your eyes on the road and hands on the handlebar.

Wet wipes or tissues, just in case!