We suggest that when planning your trip, you try not to have any pressing 
engagements to attend to immediately following your trip.  This would allow 
for any unprecedented weather changes or personal injuries, however unlikely, 
that could cause a delay in completing the trip within the scheduled time.

Health and Safety

When an enquiry for one of our services has been received, BeSpoke Bike Tours Ltd will send potential clients a pre booking form. This is followed up with a pre tour form before a trip begins.

~BeSpoke Bike Tours Ltd will ask potential clients to provide important information to ascertain the following:

~ their level of cycling experience, current fitness, puncture repair ability, and first aid knowledge and experience

~ Ascertain if clients have any existing health problems. Suggest a medical examination/clearance so that they are deemed fit to ride. If no existing health issues, they must indicate that they consider themselves fit to ride on the application form. BeSpoke Bike Tours Ltd reserve the right to decline potential clients based on inadequate level of fitness or poor health.

~ No night time riding

~ Helmets must be worn at all times

Clothing requirements: a suggested gear and accessory list is provided.

Pre trip bike and helmet fitting

~Rider height to be determined so that bike fit is suitable (fit rider to the bike)

~helmet; correct size and adjusted to fit

~demonstration of how gears and brake systems work

~pre trip briefing will question and answer opportunities

 Puncture repair

Clients who declare that they are not competent in removing a wheel, carrying out puncture repair, and reinstalling a wheel (particularly a rear wheel) will have to contact BeSpoke Bike Tours Ltd for help to be sent. On accompanied trips, this is not an issue. Clients who declare that they are competent in all aspects of puncture repair, will be provided with the equipment to do so.

It is not best practice for clients to be given puncture repair equipment if they are not adept at removing a rear wheel and reinstalling it. When this procedure is not done correctly it is a safety issue and will result in further problems and possible injury. BeSpoke Bike Tours Ltd prefer to come to the aid of these clients.

Emergency Response Plan

Pre-tour first aid questionnaire to ascertain the level of first aid competency within the group, or of an individual.

One small first aid kit per group, or individual, to be provided and carried.

Phone numbers for emergency contacts are in the first aid kid, and in a nominated group member’s phone. Ensure that the emergency 111 number is clear to overseas clients.

There is mobile reception along most of the trail. There are a few pockets where there is not but if you keep moving forward, reception will be picked up.

If clients are staying at the Lake Ohau Quarters, Mel (the owner) has mobile reception. Vodafone is not reliable in this location.

Pre ride briefing must include clarification of the nearest emergency vehicle access pick-up points indicated on tour group maps.

A tour group, or an individual must notify BeSpoke Bike Tours Ltd immediately, of any incident, to then be responded to as seen fit - below:

~The group must decide if they need emergency services urgently. If yes, they must call 111.

~Minor injuries; firstly phone BeSpoke Bike Tours Ltd. Ascertain if the group can get the injured person(s) to the nearest vehicle access point independently. If not BeSpoke Bike Tours Ltd will try calling for help to the nearest available person - this may be a local accommodation provider or a nearer tour operator (with local knowledge) who may be close by. Secondly, BeSpoke Bike Tours Ltd will go to the group.

Tekapo: has a St John’s Ambulance - dial 111

Medical Centres: Twizel, Kurow, and a hospital in Oamaru.