Richmond trail

The Richmond Trail is best ridden starting from the Roundhill Ski Access Road. It is approximately 35km from Tekapo to a locked gate on the ski access road. From the locked gate, it is 3km uphill to the Richmond Trail sign on the right. The trail is 13km across to Boundary Stream on Lilybank Road and has grade 4 status. In it’s entirety, the ride is not grade 4. There is a steep descent above Boundary Stream down to Lilybank Road but other than that, it’s mostly grade 2 (not technical). The trail travels along an old glacial terrace through tussocks and patches of native vegetation. On a fine day you get sweeping views of Lake Tekapo and the surrounding mountains.

$40 per bike, shuttle $70.00 for one person; $100 per group (2 or more people)

Richmond Trail (1).jpg